Day Trips: The Belmont Stakes (in which California Chrome gets a bit screwed)

posted on: Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Early on in June, our very dear friends let us know that they had arranged for a babysitter and BY GOD we WOULD have a double date! It's been a while, we were well overdue. The boys mentioned some lame ol' boring shit like see a movie (what? no) and the girls decided that we would go to the Belmont Stakes. After all, California Chrome was a Triple Crown hopeful and how often do you get an opportunity to see that happen?

We had a bit of an oops on the way there. Half awake I navigated us through the badlands of Bushwick, opting to cut through neighborhoods instead of taking the expressway. I'm not a fan of heading into zones the maps app has marked as red with heavy traffic. We arrived at the racetrack only to find… No one was there! I'd led us to Aqueduct! Doh! From there, there isn't really a good route to Belmont so again, we went the direct route. It paid off though as we found a sweet parking spot in a neighborhood about a 5-10 minute walk from the track!

Belmont Park was a bit more crowded than the last time I was there, over 100,000 people had the same idea we did. This made things like making bets, seeing the horses, getting a beer, etc a bit difficult. But you know what? It was crazy fun! Well worth it. I still feel like California Chrome got the short end of the stick and while his owner wasn't perhaps the most sportsmanlike, he did have a valid point. It might be a bit unfair to allow completely fresh horses to compete. Next year, we're going to all the races! And next year I'll get a full length shot of Jodi's outfit because it was fantastic.


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