Summer stuff

posted on: Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer isn't just about bike rides and race horses and bbqs, as fun and wonderful as all those things are...

Summer is also about remembering that even though we're married and grown ups and kind of sort of boring these days, that even though we don't go to punk shows and stay out all night drinking or build forts or anything like that, we're still young.

Summer is about remembering the things we love, like Alan loves skateboarding even if he'd forgotten about it for years and years. And those long summer evenings are perfect for going on a walk together around the neighborhood and seeing if muscle memory can still pull off a half cab 360 something or other (skateboard tricks have such funny names). And sometimes it can and that's pretty awesome.

Summer is ALSO about going on summer vacation. And guess what I'm doing!! You got it! Off we go for 9 solid days in northern California with some awesome friends. Can't wait to hit the west (BEST) coast!! Good times, y'all. Good times ahead.


  1. This sounds so perfect, i went skateboarding yesterday and i almost froze. But also who actually goes to punk shows and stays out all night drinking and builds forts, kids these days are boring.


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