Travelogues: Home again, home again

posted on: Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm finally home after a truly amazing and enlightening trip to northern California. My head is spinning, not least of which is due to the fact that our plane arrived at JFK at 7:30 this morning and then I went basically straight to work. I tried to sleep on the plane, I really did, but turns out Independence Day was playing and when that movie is on I just can't help but watch it. I have loads of photos to go through, who even knows what is hiding on my sd card as I was shooting and not even reviewing. Adventures were had, new friendships were made, so on and so forth. And for now, I'll leave off with a photo or two from our little adventure driving down California 1 from Point Reyes to San Francisco and on to San Jose. Honey's first time (being blurry) in the Pacific Ocean, a drive down Haight Street, all kinds of firsts.

These gulls went after some unattended chips. Turns out they didn't like the Tapatio Doritos near as much as I do...


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