Travelogues: Sunday at Preston Farms in Healdsburg, CA

posted on: Sunday, August 10, 2014

I FINALLY got around to going through my California photos! Yay me! It's been challenging making myself get around to it because I was lucky enough to catch a bitch of a summer cold. It hit me sometime on Sunday or Monday and I still have a serious sore throat and blocked up ears. So fun… Sitting down and sorting photos hasn't been much of a priority, not when there is napping to be done!

But anyway, on to the good stuff… On Sundays, our wonderful amazing and kind hosts sometimes go up the 101 to Healdsburg and do Sunday picnics and to go jugs at Preston Farms, a beautiful organic farm and vineyard. When we first arrived in town they made the suggestion and obviiiii we were totally down. On the way we ran into a little rain, not so fun for those on a motorcycle, and pulled over at the Dry Creek General Store for a drink and to wait it out. We watched some silly dogs try to outrun motorcycles pulling out of the drive and checked out the various goods on display.

After the rain cleared a bit, we continued on to Preston Farms. It was pretty fantastic. We found a picnic table under some trees, tasted some amazing wine and enjoyed a lot of laughs. I bought a round of the signature sourdough bread, basically on the suggestion of a friend from New York who as it turns out, is old family friends with the Preston's! That bread was good, man, I ate a slice every morning of the trip. Good, good stuff…


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